G-9EZCH0KCWP Where The K-Mart Used To Be - October's Children

Episode 1

Published on:

18th Sep 2022

1. Where The K-Mart Used to Be

CW: gore, loud noises

Something goes terribly wrong for a pair of locals driving through the woods on Andronicus Hill Road.

Ollie Masteron, Jeff Trembley, and Conrad Feilding welcome a newcomer to town at the local coffee shop Unhallowed Grounds.

Renée Simard, sentenced to community service for a D.U.I., helps a confused and doomsaying Sophia Castellanos with chores.

Ashley Slake receives a mysterious piece of mail.

Special thanks to Persephone Valentine, executive producer/ CEO ArcanaCastLLC

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About the Podcast

October's Children
A New England paranormal mystery/horror audio drama
"October’s Children" is an episodic full-cast paranormal mystery/horror audio drama set in a small college town in New England.

"October’s Children" focuses on a small, diverse group of 20- and 30-somethings trying to survive the trials and tribulations of ‘everyday’ life in Wolfbrook, New Hampshire. Unbeknownst to them at series start, the group will face increasingly strange and dangerous situations as the boundaries between our world and another fade, and monstrous creatures begin to infiltrate and invade Wolfbrook.

October's Children is written by Jacob Mandell and produced by Derrick Valen.
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email us at Octoberschildrenpodcast@gmail.com

October's Children features the voices of
Joseph Bozlinski as Conrad Fielding
Paul Warren as Jeffery Tremblay
Tian Skarxin as Ashley Slake
Suzannah Snowden-Ifft as Ollie Masterson
Liz Moss as Renee Simard
Karyn O Braynt as Sophia Castellanos
Jhonni Machado as Victoria Beaumonte
Luna Luna as Xerxes Medina
Moria Todd as Grace Burnell
Halloween Bloodfrost as Monk Ballish
Ray O Hare as Samuel Meyer
Stephen Murdock as John Walters
and Alexandra Ovitt, Jon Kava, and Whilimina Marie as misc voices