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31st Oct 2022


Don't forget to buckle your seatbelt, this road isn't the safest...

K I L L FM is the brainchild of a bunch of audio drama creators who wanted to make some extra special and spooky.

Transcripts and segment credits, descriptions, and links are available on:

Content Warnings: explicit language, otherworldly whispers, unreality, cult behaviors and rituals, sounds of choking and gagging, body horror, mention of drug use and addiction, being held captive, discussion and depiction of violence, gun violence, and a home raid, mention of terrorism and bombing, police violence and propaganda, talk of cannibalism, discussion of drowning, discussion of suicide, death, and child death.

This special broadcast features (in order):

Wireland Ranch, The Moon Crown, Echoes (In) Between, The Supernatural Protection Company, The Liminal Lands, Desert Skies, The Madness of Chartrulean, and The Book of Constellations

with additional support from our other podcast friends: Untrue Stories, Where the Leaves Fall Purple, The Goblet Wire, The Great Chameleon War, Neon Shadows, Blazed All Our Lives, Dragon Shanty, Shadow and Smoke, Station Blue, Finding Pattersby, October's Children, and The Aberrant Report

Theme song and finished editing by Joseph Rutledge of Wireland Ranch

Cover art by Survival of the Artist

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Show artwork for October's Children

About the Podcast

October's Children
A New England paranormal mystery/horror audio drama
"October’s Children" is an episodic full-cast paranormal mystery/action horror audio drama set in a small college town in New England.

"October’s Children" focuses on a small, diverse group of 20- and 30-somethings trying to survive the trials and tribulations of ‘everyday’ life in Wolfbrook, New Hampshire. Unbeknownst to them at series start, the group will face increasingly strange and dangerous situations as the boundaries between our world and another fade, and monstrous creatures begin to infiltrate and invade Wolfbrook.